November 20, 2015

Agents 4 Change group starts at MVM

Agents 4 Change 11-6-15 002 (1)

Agents 4 Change Members include: Front Row (L to R): Libby Leis, Karen Lopez-Hernandez. Middle Row (L to R): Megan White, K’Lynn Friemoth, Gracie Meyer, Crystalis Ortiz, Ella Konze. Back Row (L to R): Mahalia Ross, Gini Morris, Ashley Courtright, Caroline Olson, Harley Filter, Kaylee Brueggeman, Jenna Johnnson. Not pictured: Cheyanne Abbott, Meleny Vasquez.

A new group at Meadowview Middle School is allowing seventh grade students to educate students at Meadowview Intermediate about tobacco and encourage them to remain tobacco free.

The Agents 4 Change members volunteered to be ATODA peer educators. They attended a two-day training last Spring where they developed skills in presenting information — in an informative and fun way — on the effects of smoking . This school year the students will be peer educators to both 4th and 5th graders. Next year we will add additional members and expand the topics taught in grade 5 as we continue teaching 4th grade about tobacco. Students use chants and props to engage younger students and to illustrate the negative effects of smoking.