March 15, 2016

Anatomy students in HOSA visit Gundersen Health System

IMG_6021 (1)

Grace Hellman uses tools that are required to perform laparoscopic surgery during a job shadow experience at Gundersen.

Sparta High School Anatomy students in HOSA were recently assigned a job shadow at the Gundersen Health System La Crosse campus that included ER physician, radiologist, dietetics, audiologist, and OB/GYN nurse. The students were able to shadow their staff member and partake in actual patient exams and problem-solving scenarios. They were also able to gain  hands-on experience using simulation-based learning that Gundersen uses to train their doctors, nurses, residents, and other staff members. The simulations were performing laparoscopic surgery, being trained in CPR and AED procedures, problem-solving vital changes in a computerized mannequin simulating real-world ER victims, and performing intubations of patients. Pictured is Grace Hellman using tools that are required to perform laparoscopic surgery. One of the tools is a camera that would be inserted into the patient’s abdominal cavity during surgery and the other two are cutting tools. Typically, these would be for non-invasive surgeries like gallbladder removals or appendectomies.