Employee Benefit Information

HealthCare Reform Information

This handout¬†provides information regarding the Affordable Care Act. Information may be beneficial for both participants and non-participants of the District’s group health plan.

Dual Offering HMO Plans – effective July 1, 2014

Gundersen HMO

Health Tradition (Mayo/Skemp) HMO

Mid America HRA and Flex Plan

The Sparta Area School District uses a third-party administrator to manage both its Health Reimbursement Arrangement plan and its Flexible Benefit (IRS Section 125 Plan).

For active employees with health insurance, the District funds an HRA that can be used to cover deductible and other eligble expenses. The district maintains a “high deductible” health insurance plan. Another HRA Plan is also used to manage some employee’s early retirement benefit for health-related expenses.

The District’s Flexible Benefit Plan is available to active employees. Employees may elect to set money aside pre-tax to be used for eligible medical and dependent care expenses.

Employees can view plan information for both the HRA and Flex and submit claims (flex only at this time) through the MidAmerica website by logging in as a participant (initial log in = social security number, initial password = last 4 digits of social security number): midamerica.biz

Flex Forms:

HRA Forms

Delta Dental Plan

Disability Insurance

  • Information about Long-Term Disability Insurance (district benefit for permanent employees 18.75 hrs or more)
  • Information about Short-Term Disability Insurance (voluntary for permanent employees 18.75 hrs or more)

Employee Benefit Trust Fund

The Sparta Area School District funds post-employment benefits by contributions to a legally established irrevocable trust. The Trust Agreement can be viewed at the link below:

Teachers who are 57 years old and with 15 consecutive years of District teaching experience are eligible for an early retirement benefit as described in the Employee Handbook. A meeting was held on February 5, 2014, for teachers considering early retirement at the end of the year or in the near future. The document below provides follow up to additional questions and issues that were raised at the meeting.

Additional Information from February 5, 2014, Meeting.