Bullying Reduction

Children Raising HandsThe Sparta Area School District continues to make reducing bullying a priority throughout the District in order to create a safer and more positive learning environment for all the students. The District formed a Bullying Reduction Committee that started meeting during the 2004-2005 school year, and continues to meet. Suggestions and concerns that were raised in this committee have been taken very seriously by District administrators, as well as all the School Board members.

Some of the activities that have occurred to address bullying include:

  • Staff have participated in a book study on bullying
  • Speakers on bullying have come and talked to our students
  • Additional classroom curriculum is being used during classroom guidance classes
  • Guidance staff have attended conferences on addressing girl bullying
  • Staff and students have been made aware of cyberbullying and steps to take to address it
  • Additional emphasis on bullying during morning meetings
  • Tracking of incidents of bullying
  • Continued surveys of students and beginning to survey some parents

Youth Risk Behavior Survey Results:

  • 62.8% of the Middle School students report on the 2011-12 survey that they at some point had been bullied on school property
  • 63.1 of the Middle School students report on the 2011-12 survey that they felt bullying was a problem in their school
  • 31% of the High School students report on the 2011-12 survey that during the past 12 months, they had been bullied on school property?

The District is committed to continue working on educating our students on what bullying is and how to stop it. We want all students to have a positive experience at school. If you are interested in becoming a member of our Bullying Reduction Committee please call Margaret Jadack at 608-366-3456.

Websites that provide more information:

If you have any questions regarding this initiative or wish to report incidents of bullying, please contact a building principal or call Peggy Jadack, Director of Pupil Services at 366-3456.