Communications and Grants


The Sparta Area School District is always looking for ways to increase communication with students, staff, parents and community members. To do so, we use social media to tell the stories and share photos of the great things happening in our elementary, middle, high and charter schools as well as staff initiatives. On our school district website, Facebook webpage, Twitter account (webpage), and Blog (webpage), you’ll also be able to find highlights from our fantastic co-curricular offerings as well as feature stories and photos from our classrooms. Check out the links when you get a free minute. Our Spartans are always up to something!

The Sparta Area School District and its schools, programs, activities and athletics have social media sites that provide updates about the great things they are doing and ways to get involved. The District Facebook Pages link is a comprehensive list of Sparta Area School District pages. If there is a page that is not listed, please contact District Communications Coordinator Melanie Johnson.

If you are a District staff member and have a story idea that you would like to see posted on our District sites or shared through a news release, please use the online communications request form. Requests will be handled as they arrive and keep in mind that the time element of your event/activity will play an important factor in how soon it will be distributed.

If you are a member of the media and would like to do a story in the Sparta Area School District, please contact Melanie Johnson at or (608) 366-3400 ext. 6312 or a building administrator.


The Sparta Area School District (SASD) takes a proactive approach to supplementing local funding resources by applying for grants that will enhance its mission to “provide students of all backgrounds and potentials with a rich academic experience in a safe and supportive environment.” The grant policy as outlined in Article 166 (PDF) supports the District’s educational philosophy and Board of Education goals.

The SASD has a rich history of applying for and receiving competitive grant funding from a variety of public and private sources including the Department of Defense Educational Activity and United States Department of Agriculture. During FY 2015 and 2016, the District more than $1.2 million in supplemental funding. These grant dollars have provided incentives for developing and implementing  AVID and Lucy Calkins Reading and maintaining our two 21st Century Community Learning Centers. Grant funding has also allowed us to start programming at Sparta High School that allows high school seniors to earn a Western Technical College certificate in welding upon meeting their high school graduation requirements. A second program has been added in computer numerical control (CNC).

An updated listing of grants available to District staff members is available by clicking this link. If you have questions, please contact District Grant Developer Melanie Johnson.

Website Accessibility

If you experience difficulty with the accessibility with any web pages or documents, please complete the form accessible at this link,, to request this information in an alternate format.  You may also email the information directly to or call Melanie Johnson, Communications Coordinator, at (608) 366-3400 ext. 6312.