Good people, great schools stories

We know that it takes good people to have great schools like the ones in the Sparta Area School District. It’s not by chance that our students are recognized for their volunteer efforts and commitments to academics, projects, clubs, organizations and outside agencies and activities while our staff members receive state and national honors for further defining their roles as professionals both in and outside the classroom.

Our staff continually goes beyond what is expected for students, their colleagues, District families and the community. During the month of May, we will publish your stories about the Good People that make our schools great on the Sparta Area School District Website and social media.

Please consider sharing your favorite story about someone — a teacher, secretary, food service, custodian, teacher assistant, administrator — that makes our District great by filling out this online form or emailing Communications Coordinator Melanie Johnson for more information.

Good people, great schools 2016


Alyssa Haug


Alyssa Haug is a first grade teacher at Lawrence-Lawson Elementary School. She is one of the Good People who make our Schools Great “by bringing the best out in her students. She sees their potential and has the ability to help them shine.” — online nomination




kristina johnson

Kristina Johnson

Kristina Johnson is a special education teacher at Southside Elementary and is one of the Good people who make our schools great. Her nominator wrote, “Ms. Johnson is a remarkable teacher. She does exceptional work with students who have exceptional needs. She always appears positive and energetic. I appreciate that she brings new things to my child’s education.” — online nomination




Meadowview Students Nutrition Banner

Nutrition Services Staff

Meadowview students recognized the Nutrition Services staff with banners and signs to thank them for making Sparta schools great earlier this month. Notes on the signs recognized the staff for
“making me lunch and breakfast everyday and keeping the trays super clean” and “offering and making the whole school food.”

One student wrote “I’m thankful for all the hard work you do to give us students food in the morning and afternoon so thank you for everything you do for us.”

And another wrote: “Thank you for making food for the school district. You come here at 4:00 with smiles on your face. That’s why when I grab my food, I say thank you because it takes a lot of effort to wake yourself up at 4:00 so, again, thank you all.”


Kathy Zay

Kathy Zay

“I spent some time in Kathy Riley Zay’s classroom and thoroughly enjoyed their original poems and how much progress they showed in their reading ability,” Ms. Zay’s nominator shared for the Good people, great schools recognition. “They respect and admire her and it’s well-deserved.” Ms. Zay is a second grade teacher at Maplewood Elementary.




Kristin McDonald, Third Grade TeacherKristin McDonald, a second grade teacher at Southside Elementary, was recognized for being a supportive colleague and mentor. “She supported me and helped me pursue my career and get into graduate school. I know I wouldn’t be where I am with out her support. She also taught me so much about compassion, empathy, classroom management — how to be a great teacher,” her nominator shared in an online submission.



Brooke Boisvert

Brooke Boisvert

Brooke Boisvert, a fifth grade teacher at Meadowview Intermediate, “has a great connection with our daughter,” her nominator for the Good people, great schools recognition wrote in an online submission. “She appreciates her quirks! She has gone above and beyond in all of her help and encouragement, helping my daughter to see that even though writing is hard, she has strengths. Thanks for all your hard work!”




Kimberly Callahan, Kindergarten Teacher“My child loves going to school in Cataract and loves his teacher, Ms. Callahan.” Kim Callahan’s nominator shared for the Good people, great schools recognition. “She is enthusiastic and creative. My son comes home almost every day with a story of something new that he has learned.” Ms. Callahan teaches kindergarten at the school.




Jeanne Pauley, Secretary“Jeanne welcomes every visitor, student and staff member with a smile and a positive attitude. She does so much for ALL of the schools she works with and much more! She is a comfort to many students, a friendly face to new families, and an excellent team member on any task,” Jeanne Pauley’s nominator shared for the Good people, great schools recognition. “She is much more than a secretary…She is an educational super hero!”