Farm to School Recipes

Chef Jason Recipes

Hummus Recipe (PDF)
Quick and Easy Pickle Recipe (PDF)
Apple Yogurt Salad (PDF)
Tomato Caprese Salad (PDF)

Harvest of the Month

May 2017 Harvest of the Month-Asparagus (PDF)
April 2017 Harvest of the Month
-Garden Greens (PDF)
March 2017 Harvest of the Month-Cabbage (PDF)
February 2017 Harvest of the Month-Beets (PDF)
January 2017 Harvest of the Month
-Sweet Potatoes (PDF)
December 2016 Harvest of the Month-Cranberries (PDF)
November 2016 Harvest of the Month-Brussels Sprouts (PDF)
October 2016 Harvest of the Month-Apples (PDF)
November 2015 Harvest of the Month-Squash (PDF)
February 2015 Harvest of the Month-Potatoes (PDF)
March 2015 Harvest of the Month
-Cabbage (PDF)

Cindy Thesing, Nutrition Services Director, and Autumn Grooms, Communications Coordinator, offer watermelon during a garden tasting event

Nutrition Services Director Cindy Thesing and Communications Coordinator Autumn Grooms serve watermelon from the school garden to students at Southside Elementary during a tasting.