Sparta Area School District Strategic Plan

Theresa Smerud, photo credit.

Theresa Smerud, photo credit.

A year of planning, research, surveying and collaboration culminated in the adoption of a new strategic plan for the Sparta Area School District. The Board of Education adopted the three-year plan during their regular monthly board meeting on May 24, 2016. The plan was developed by a committee of 27 community leaders, parents, staff members and school leaders following several months of meetings, discussion, research and community input. More than 800 people responded to a survey about the school district earlier in 2016. Information from the survey was used to develop the goals and priorities of the plan.  

The strategic plan, which received unanimous support of the school board, targets four major areas for improvement: Educational Experiences, Community Connections, Workforce Development, and College, Career and Community Readiness. Each area details several measurable goals. Highlights of the plan include the establishment of a facilities committee to examine space needs within the District; expanding college and career readiness options for students; improving the District’s communication plan; increasing job satisfaction among employees; improving the District’s communication of student achievement; and raising the expectations and awareness of community service activities within the District.

The specifics of the plan can be found here: Sparta Area School District Strategic Planning Document.

Please check back for updates for reporting of progress toward the goals.