The Spartan Way

Schools within the Sparta Area School District, similar to other PBIS schools across Wisconsin, have created a more positive environment for students and staff by establishing clear expectations for their students and taking active steps in teaching, modeling and reinforcing appropriate behaviors school wide. A new initiative will coordinate Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports throughout the Sparta Area School District and connect PBIS within the greater Sparta community.

The Spartan Way will use common PBIS language to increase understanding and familiarity district-wide. Pupil Services Director Peggy Jadack said the uniform program will make building transitions easier for students and parents and allow for community involvement and recognition of students. A banner has been hung downtown highlighting The Spartan Way and its key words – Respectful, Responsible, Safe – and businesses and organizations will be given The Spartan Way cards to recognize students exhibiting the desired traits. Window clings also will be provided to businesses and organizations that are interested in participating.

“It is important for students to be recognized for their behavior outside of school,” Jadack said. “This says, as a community, we are focused on instilling these traits in our children.”

Goal Statements

  1. Develop a solid foundation in core academic learning.
  2. Students of all ability levels will have diverse, quality educational experiences.
  3. Motivate, challenge and engage all students in the learning process.
  4. Develop in all students the skills required to be successful in the 21st century.
  5. Foster relationships that promote a responsible and caring environment within our district.
  6. Encourage the development of personal responsibility for family, community and the world.