December 22, 2016

Innovations STEM Academy students wrote code and stories for recent assignment

Students from Innovations STEM Academy wrote code and a story for a recent assignment that were presented Thursday, Dec. 22.

The Sphero Challenge had student’s create storyboards or mazes that Sphero robots — serving as the main character — traversed to illustrate student stories. The assignment incorporated skills including determining angles, creating a character, and controlling the velocity.

Presentations were made to fifth grade students and STEM families. Innovations STEM Academy is located in Meadowview School, 1225 N. Water St., Sparta.

Prior to the presentations, students made a blueprint for what they wanted their Sphero to do. Each group member was responsible for creating and programming two events. Each group member wrote the narration for Sphero and program using Lightning Lab for their assigned part.

A Sphero is a programmable robot that can follow block code. The Spheros were purchased with a $4,775 grant from CenturyLink.

Check out the video presentations students made at these links: