Sparta High School uses an online transcript request service through Instructions for using this service can be found below.

If you graduated from SAILS or High Point you must contact the SAILS/High Point Secretary to request your transcript through them, please call (608) 366-3400.

After August 1st of your graduation year, students will be considered “alumni of Sparta High School” and must pay approximately $3-5 for each official transcript request.

Seniors: How to order your final transcript (PDF)

Parchment Instructions

Go to Parchment (Sparta HS direct link)

Enter your contact information (students not parents). Use other ID number (lunch account) as ID #.

Select your opt-in preferences

Check the box to agree to Parchment’s Terms of Use

Click “Let colleges contact me”

Student will select 3 colleges and report ACT and SAT scores (if applicable)

Under Complete Your Profile, click on “Add a school or organization you attended”

Enter “Sparta High School”

Sparta High School should come up as an option

Click add

Enter your enrollment information

Select an option under “FERPA Privacy Rights” (recommended: “I do waive my right to access”)

Click “Consent and request”

Type your name into the “Name” box

Check the box to authorize a transcript to be stored on your account

Click “Save and Continue”

Congrats! You have set up an account. From here you will request for your Sparta High School transcript to be sent to the school or institution of your choice.

Students do not need to complete the “Profile” and can choose to skip, or click on the arrow to hide the box.

If the institution is listed, it is free to send the transcript as long as you are currently a Sparta High School Student. If it is not listed, and needs to be sent by US Mail then you will be charged a $1.70 processing and postage fee. If you are an alumni of Sparta High School you will pay $3 for each official transcript (students are considered alumni after August 1st of their graduation year).

As your request is processed you will receive emails informing you what stage your transcript is at in the process. You will know once the transcript is approved by Sparta High School, sent to your institution, and viewed by your institution. This feature can be found most easily under the “Track” tab on your homepage.