Youth Options & Course Options

There are two programs that allow students to take credits outside of Sparta High School: Youth Options and Course Options.  Each program has their advantages and disadvantages, and it is important that you review all of the policies.  Students are encouraged to speak with their school counselor prior to filling out paperwork, and to have their counselor check their paperwork prior to submitting for approval.

Youth Options

  • Youth Options allows public high school Juniors and Seniors to take courses at Wisconsin Technical Colleges or institutions of higher education
  • Valid for the fall or spring semesters only
  • Courses are paid for by the high school (50%) and the college (50%)
  • Applications are due on March 1st for fall semester courses and October 1st for spring semester courses
  • Students are able to register for the courses on the general registration dates

Course Options

  • Course Options allows public school students to take 2 courses at a time, at a Wisconsin college or public institution
  • Valid for the fall or spring semester, or during the summer in which a student will be returning to the high school in the fall.
  • Course costs vary by institution as they each set their own limits and families may have to pay up to 25% of the tuition cost.  The following local schools charge as noted:
    • Courses at Western: high school (50%) and Western (50%)
    • Courses at UWL: high school (50%), UWL (25%), and student (25%)
    • Courses at Viterbo: high school (50%) and Western (50%)
  • Applications are due at least six weeks prior to the start of the course
  • Students are admitted to the classes by the institution on an as-available basis (no guarantee)

Please click on the links below to view the instruction pages:

UW – La Crosse

Viterbo University

Western – all programs except Nursing Assistant

Western – Nursing Assistant instructions only