February 13, 2019

June 10th Added as Weather Make-Up Day

Due to the February 12 snow day, we are at the point where we will be going into the second week of June in order to make up February 12 and any snow days in the future.  We currently have enough minutes to absorb a handful of late starts/early releases, but not to accommodate full “no school” days.


As of today, we will have school on June 10th in addition to the make-up days on March 15, April 18, and April 23.  Any additional weather emergency days will extend the school year by one day per emergency day, starting June 11th.


We know that these weather days are disruptive to everyone, both when they happen and when we need to make them up.  The safety of our students and families are our top priority and always will be.  Your understanding and patience as we work through the complexity of weather issues are greatly appreciated. Thank you.