Cataract Elementary

6070 State Highway 27
Sparta, WI 54656
Phone: (608) 366-3453
Fax: (608) 366-3455
Requests for Records fax to: (608) 366-3475
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Toby Oswald, Lawrence-Lawson and Cataract Elementary Principal

Toby Oswald


Ms. Barb Christopherson

Front of Cataract Elementary school

Cataract Elementary School serves Pre-Kindergarten through 3rd Grade students. The staff, students, and families of Cataract will work together to create and implement a nurturing environment, where the foundation for life-long success is established for all children. Staff members at Cataract Elementary are committed to improving student achievement and providing a welcoming and enjoyable environment. We provide each student with learning experiences that will develop academic, social, physical and emotional success. Each child is an individual with the potential to grow in all of these areas.

Continued interest and support from parents and the community is essential to ensure the success of each student. We embrace relationships with all those that support the efforts of the schools’ students and staff. Together, we will provide a quality education for all children. Building partnerships with parents and the community to make sure students are provided the best education is essential for student success.

Together as partners, parents and school, we can make sure to provide the best possible experience for your children to be successful. As parents, please make sure that your children are well rested, receiving the proper nutrition and provide them help with any schoolwork or projects. Cataract staff will provide a welcoming safe place where your son/daughter will enjoy school and be excited about learning. The experiences that students have at Cataract will develop a love for learning that will lead them to be lifelong learners. There is nothing more important than our children and we need to do everything we can to help them learn and grow. We look forward to a great year with you here at Cataract!

— Principal Toby Oswald