Cataract PTO

The Cataract Parent Teacher Organization has been a wonderful support system for the students and families of our school. They provide educational programs for children and families as well as fun events. Past events have included a Halloween Party (with help from the First Responders), a Card Party, parenting classes, and craft events.

The PTO has supported the classrooms by providing additional supplies to the teachers. They have also sponsored our Reading Program for several years. The also assist in funding field trips, technology, and other activities for the children and community.

This year’s events include the Halloween Party (held in October) and the Card Party. The PTO will meet in January to plan for the Card Party.

If you have questions regarding PTO, please feel free to e-mail Kim Callahan (teacher & team leader) at

We look forward to your support!

New this year! The proceeds from the aluminum cans collected at the Cataract Mart are given to the Cataract PTO!! There is a fenced in area designated to throw your bags of cans into behind the gas pumps.

Keep collecting box tops, soup labels, milk caps and ink cartridges! A complete list of what we collect will come out the first week of school. Money earned from these collections really help our school!