Maplewood Elementary

900 East Montgomery Street
Sparta, WI 54656
Phone: (608)366-3467
Fax: (608) 366-3461
Requests for Records fax to: (608) 366-3475
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Patrick Olbert


Teri Kenyon

Students reading a book

Maplewood Elementary School serves Kindergarten through 3rd Grade students. The staff, students, and families of Maplewood will work together to create and implement a nurturing environment where the foundation for life-long success will be established for all children. Our vision statement, “Expanding the Mind, Developing the Body, Encouraging the Heart”, represents the value we place on educating the whole child. A whole child approach to education enhances learning by addressing each student’s social, emotional, physical, and academic needs.

Educating a child is an immense job, and we need your help to do it well. Please be sure your child comes to school each day rested and ready to learn. Attendance and arriving on time are very important. Please make sure your child is on time and prepared every day.

We also ask that you support us by making sure your child understands that school is important and success in school is something that your family values. There is a great deal of research showing that students whose parents are involved in their education do better in school than children whose parents are not involved.

We hope you’ll be an active partner with us to ensure your child is happy, healthy, and successful. We welcome your involvement in our school whether it is part of our parent-teacher group, volunteering in the classroom, or taking part in special events.

-Pat Olbert, Principal