School Information

SAILS is located at 201 E. Franklin Street in the Sparta Area School District Administrative and Educational Center. Students are provided current technology to aid in their studies and the school has a personal library for SAILS student use. Visit our Facebook page.

SAILS phone: (608) 269-3151 or 366-3430

SAILS fax: (608) 366-3529

  • Principal: Bob Sanders

  • Secretary: Jeanne Pauley

  • Teacher: Kirk Lebakken

  • School Counselor: Daniel Korson

  • Special Eduation Teacher: Carrie Kniedler

  • Educational Assistant: Connie Jerome

  • Educational Assistant: Amanda Dinger


SAILS Academy

SAILS Academy is open to students 16 to 18 years of age.

This program is  designed  with five specific areas of curriculum.

1) Basic skill acquisition in reading, writing, math and computer application

2) Employability skills

3) Health and wellness skills

4)Living skills which include future planning, social skills and problem solving skills

5) Academic skills

Credits for graduation are earned through structured courses, independent study, web-based instruction and seminars.

18+ Program

SAILS 18+ Program is designed for students between the ages of 18 and 20 that are within 10 classes of graduating.  These students will complete the core course requirements that meet Sparta Area School District's requirements for a Qualifying Diploma.  Students must complete thirty-five credits that include:

8 English credits

7 Social Studies credits (including Government)

4 Math credits

4 Science credits

3 Physical Education credits

1 Health credit

1 Economics credit

7 Elective credits