September 7, 2018

Weekend Transportation Updates

Updates about transportation will be posted here throughout the weekend of Sept. 7-9.

Monday, Sept. 10:

Phones are down at the Administrative & Educational Center.  If you need any assistance with transportation issues this afternoon, please call your child’s school.  Thank you.

Sunday, Sept. 9:

Call Center/Pickup Center Concluded:

Our call center/pick up center for busing information has now concluded.  All families have been contacted with the exception of Spanish speaking families, who are still being contacted.
If you have not received your busing information, please check your voicemail.  If you did not receive a voicemail, then the phone number we had for you was incorrect.
Any remaining immediate issues identified by parents are being corrected by Lamers management staff today.
All students who ride the bus will be sent home from school tomorrow with a paper copy of their route information.

Nuestro Cuadro telefónico y el centro para recoger la información del autobús han culminado su función. Hemos hecho varios intentos para comunicarnos con las familias con la excepción de algunas familias de habla hispana, las cuales están siendo contactadas al momento. Si usted NO ha recibido la información del autobús, favor de revisar su correo de voz. Si usted NO recibió un correo de voz favor de llamar al Distrito Escolar mañana al 608-366-3400 para recibir dicha información.

Cualquier corrección inmediata que se necesitara,  se están trabajando hoy con la compañía de Lamers. Todos los estudiantes que tomaran el autobús mañana llevarán la hoja con la información de las rutas.

SASD to Resume School Monday:

Sparta Area School District will resume school on Monday, September 10, 2018. We anticipate that Monday will run like a normal “first day” of school in terms of transportation. That is, we anticipate a smooth operation, but it may not be entirely error free. We will work with Lamers management to address any lingering issues quickly and efficiently.

Thank you to the staff at the District who worked throughout the weekend to ensure a good start on Monday. Over 60 SASD teachers, secretaries, educational assistants, and administrators, contacted the parents and guardians of more than 2000 students during the weekend. Lamers management staff has also been working all weekend to correct any immediate concerns identified by parents, such as wrong addresses or missing routes.

Letter from Allen Lamers:

Letter from Allen Lamers (PDF)

Saturday, Sept. 8:

The Sparta Area School District has been working with our contracted bus company, Lamers Bus Lines, as they reconstruct routes and we coordinate efforts to ensure drivers and families are ready for school on Monday.  The routes are complete and bus drivers will be practicing routes this morning.

Southside Elementary has been set up as a route call and pickup center for families.  We have 24 phone lines set up to make calls to families and we will have tables set up inside the main entrance to hand out bus schedules to parents who would like to come in and pick them up.  Our District interpreters will be present.

Southside will be open on Saturday, September 8 from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm and Sunday, September 9 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm for pickup.  Calls will also be going out to families during this time.

Please be watching for a phone call to the number that you used on your bus request form.

We anticipate that Monday will run like a normal “first day” of school in terms of transportation.  That is, we anticipate a smooth operation, but it may not be entirely error free. We anticipate that we will be able to address any issues quickly and efficiently.

Friday, Sept. 7:

Sparta Area School District is organizing weekend plans for contacting parents.  A call center is being set up in the District to contact parents with bus information. Specific information about call center times and operations will be posted as soon as details are finalized.