SHS Auditorium Request for Proposals

The purpose of this project is to provide the latest lighting and audio video upgrades to the auditorium ahead of a possible longer term renovation project. These upgrades were designed to better suite the school districts needs and to advance us into the 21st century. Proposals for this project should be made in such a way as supporting this vision. The Audio/Video and Lighting systems should work on the same network for ease of use and not having conflicting networks in the same space.

While a formal bid is required prospective bidders should view this as closer to a design/build project where the bill of materials may shift as lead-times are able to be locked in as same with materials. The district will need to be informed of any changes but after the bid date the contractor is welcome to make changes if the price doesn’t shift.

Contractors should be prepared to coordinate all work with the school’s contracted electrical contractor.

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Complete Project 

Addendum One
Exhibit C Addendum One

Audio Visual   



Documents updated as of July 20, 2023.


RFP Released - July 10, 2023

Proposer Conference / Tour (optional) - 7/13/23 10:00AM

Proposals Due from Proposers - 7/24/23 10:00AM

Proposals Opened - 7/24/23 10:00AM

Evaluation of Proposals - 7/24/23-7/27/23

Proposers Notified if Chosen for Interview - 7/24/23-7/27/23

Proposer Interviews and Evaluations - 7/26/23

Board of Education Proposal Selection - 7/27/23