Principal's Message

The Sparta Area School District established High Point in the 2001-2002 school year as a project-based school in which students can have more control over how they learn than they would in a traditional setting. Students can choose content or interest areas that engage them, and teachers ensure that the skills they develop are matched by standards we have chosen with the support of the district as a whole.  

We have added new software that makes it easier for students and teachers to track projects and how/when they are completed as well as how they align with our district standards. This software also allows our students to break their projects into smaller pieces. Now they can keep track of their work more easily and stay more organized.

High Point teachers and I have chosen the essential standards for each grade, 7-12, so we can ensure that our students graduate prepared for their lives as global citizens and are able to achieve success, no matter what that looks like in today’s environment. 

Additionally, I am always working on ideas to connect more closely with our community. In my vision, our students’ projects will see them working with businesses in Sparta whenever possible, and High Point is more like a home base for a school full of visionaries and entrepreneurs than a traditional classroom. 

High Point has a legacy of embracing students who might not feel that a traditional school setting values their needs in learning, and it is very important that we continue the legacy of creation. As education changes, we also have to move with the times, so I will make sure that our school supports whatever our students need to be whoever they choose to be in a world changing as fast as they are, and we want to solidify our existing tradition as a school where our students feel they have a learning community supporting them. 

If you have an idea for a project that would benefit you or your business, please contact me at

- Dr. Wendy Bernett, Principal

Our Mission

To extend and strengthen the mission of SASD in educating all students academically, emotionally, and socially, by providing an innovative, high-quality, student-led, project-based learning environment that inspires curiosity and resilience.

Our Vision

To prepare students to be lifelong learners and global citizens.