Meadowview Intermediate School Counselor

Lesley Jacobs
Lesley Jacobs
School Counselor
(608) 269-2187

Through School Counseling at Meadowview Intermediate school, students have the opportunity to participate in programs designed to meet their emotional, social and academic developmental needs. Activities focus on increasing well-being and a sense of belonging at school.

The School Counseling program includes:

  • Individual and Small Group counseling
  • Classroom guidance
  • Support groups

Other activities offered through the Counseling department that promote student leadership, achievement and school ownership include:

  • Peer Mediation
  • Citizenship Club
  • Challenge Academy Cadet tutoring
  • Bullying awareness and prevention

For more information, please call Lesley Jacobs, School Counselor, at (608) 269-2187 or e-mail