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    The Spartan Way

    Staff and students in the Sparta Area School District follow The Spartan Way: Responsible, Respectful, Safe.

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    Welcome to the Sparta Area School District! Ensuring a high quality educational experience and skills relevant to the 21st century.

  • Aletra Olson, Good People Great Schools banner

    Aleatra Olson

    Aleatra Olson is a teacher at Lawrence-Lawson Elementary School. She enjoys anything outside including swimming, hiking and walking. She also enjoys hunting deer and turkeys. Her favorite memory from education is "all the fun things kids say -- brings a smile to my face."

  • Gary Boisvert

    Gary Boisvert is the LMC Director at Meadowview Middle School. He has Master of Science and Master of Arts degrees and has finished a professional licensure in technology media. Mr. Boisvert enjoys learning, art, and volunteering and is proud of the Meadowview Middle School students who won first in the state Battle of the Books competition. Read more

  • Jill Guns, Good people, great schools banner

    Jill Guns

    Jill Guns is a teacher at Meadowview Intermediate School. She has worked in education for 20 years and her favorite memory is "all of the hugs, smiles and reminders that being a teacher is the best." Ms. Guns is a mother of three children and enjoys anything outside. Read more

Our Mission: Ensuring a high quality educational experience and skills relevant to the 21st century.

The Sparta Area School District, located in Western Wisconsin, is a great place to grow and learn. Our strength is grounded in our staff, dedicated to meeting the needs of all of our students. You will see evidence of this in our progressive curriculum, individualized instruction, unique charter schools, active student organizations, and outstanding special education programs. Our local communities continually show their support for quality education by providing and maintaining excellent school facilities and advanced educational technology. The parents and guardians in our District have high expectations for their children and take an active role in their children’s education. Quality parental involvement in education takes many forms – at home, parent organizations, after-school activities, tutoring programs, and co-curricular groups. The Sparta Area School District also enjoys a great partnership with local business and industry, which provide work experience opportunities, financial support, special presentations and opportunities for career exploration. Finally, our students and alumni show their Spartan Pride wherever they go. Please take time to explore our District, our website, and the Sparta area. You won’t be disappointed.