WIN “What I Need” After School


The Sparta Area School District’s WIN After School program provides mind and body wellness, social and emotional learning, academic enrichment, and community connections to students in grades Pre-K-8 within a safe and supportive environment.


Our vision is for our students to be safe and healthy, kind and responsible, realize their academic potential, and be active in their communities.

Our 4 Elements

WIN After School bases it’s programming on the following 4 Elements: Mind and Body Wellness, Social and Emotional Learning, Academic Enrichment, and Community Connections. Using these 4 Elements, we believe that our students will be set up for success inside and outside the classroom.

Mind and Body Wellness

We believe a happy and healthy student is a student who is ready to learn. We encourage whole-person wellness for every student by focusing on physical activity, healthy eating, mental heath, and avoiding drugs and alcohol.

Social and Emotional Learning

We help students build Social and Emotional Learning skills like managing emotions, setting goals, having empathy, creating positive relationships, and making responsible decisions. Students with these skills will become responsible and caring adults.

Academic Enrichment

Academic Enrichment goes beyond classroom learning and homework. Students in our program engage in hands-on learning and apply their learning to real-life situations. Through these activities, students can increase understanding and engagement in the classroom, including improving grades and test scores.

Community Connections

When we connect our students to the community, we expand their world. Our students participate in service activities, explore college and career options, and get to experience new things through our partnerships with businesses and organizations in our community.

Who is eligible for WIN After School?

Students who reside in the Sparta Area School District and are in grades Pre-K-6 are eligible for enrollment into the WIN After School program. Acceptance into the program is based on teacher referrals, staffing numbers, as well as open spots in the program. If there are no open spots at your child’s location, they will be placed on a waiting list and will be notified when a spot is available.

Where is WIN After School located?

WIN After School will provide programming at each of the following locations:

  • Herrman Elementary; 925 N Black River St, Sparta, Sparta, WI
    • Phone: 608-633-1807 or 608-633-5628
  • Southside Early Learning Center; 1023 Walrath Street, Sparta, WI
    • Phone: 608-633-0312
  • Sparta Montessori School; 429 N Black River St, Sparta, WI
    • Phone: 608-633-0240

Herrman WIN to Receive Grant Funding

We are excited to share that Herrman Elementary has been awarded the Nita M. Lowey 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant for $100,000 per year for five years beginning July 1, 2022. This five year grant will assist in our mission to provide high quality learning opportunities for our students who attend the WIN (What I Need) program after school at Herrman Elementary.  

The goals of the grant include:

  • 75% of members will meet or exceed their reading growth target from fall to spring
  • 75% of members will meet or exceed their math growth target from fall to spring
  • 100% of members will indicate they had voice and choice regarding program activities
  • 100% of members will have the opportunity for weekly social and emotional learning
  • 75% of families will attend at least one parent night by the spring of 2023

Some key requirements for families include:

  • Regular attendance: 
    • Students will be expected to attend at least 3 days per week
    • Students must stay until at least 4 pm
  • Parents/guardians must attend at least 1 family night per year
  • If your family needs transportation home from our Herrman program, please reach out to Holly Church at


Enrollment for the 2023-24 School Year is has closed, however, if you are still interested in our WIN program you may fill out the Waiting List form below.

Photo of Holly Church

Holly Church

WIN After School Director

Photo of Olyvia Kenworthy

Olyvia Kenworthy

WIN Site Coordinator, Sparta Montessori

Photo of Zoey Smith

Zoey Smith

WIN Site Coordinator, Southside Early Learning Center

Photo of Heather Stewart

Heather Stewart

WIN Site Coordinator, Herrman Elementary