Camp Sparta (Summer School)

Camp Sparta Summer School

Below is the link to pre-register your children for Camp Sparta 2021(Summer School). We have expanded our offerings to include some extra academic support for our youngest students, and we are planning to offer a limited number of virtual options unless we hear from the state that we are not allowed to do so. 

Pre-registration is required to ensure transportation, interventions, WIN, emergency information, and the ability to register online (required this year). 

Pre-registration must be completed once for each child who will be attending Camp Sparta. 

Summer school will run between June 7 and July 30, 2021. 

  • April 19: Academic and Readiness Registration begins
  • April 26: Enrichment Registration begins
  • May 26: Registration closes and classes with low enrollment are canceled
  • June 7: Classes begin