Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for considering volunteering in our school district!  Whether supporting an individual student, classroom teacher, field trip, school office, or another opportunity, your contribution will help our district thrive.

Each school offers different volunteer opportunities. Check with a school principal or teacher to learn more about our volunteering needs.

How to Get Started

Under Administrative Rule 170B, it is the policy of the Board of Education of the Sparta Area School District to conduct criminal background checks on all individuals seeking to serve as volunteers, inside or outside the classroom. Background checks for volunteers must be updated yearly.

As of February 1, 2019, the Sparta Area School District has contracted with an online provider, BIB (Background Investigation Bureau), to facilitate quality background checks for all of our potential volunteers.  Follow the link below to submit a confidential volunteer application.  Please allow up to two weeks for a volunteer background check to be completed.