School Report Cards

At the Sparta Area School District we are #Spartanproud of all of our students. Our students take several local and statewide assessments, including MAP, Forward and ACT. Multiple data points and continued teacher assessments are used to continually evaluate and measure continued improvement and growth. Staff work with students to address gaps in their understanding with a goal of continued growth.

In 2020, the Sparta Area School District implemented district wide PLC (Professional Learning Committees) time. This dedicated PLC time has allowed our staff the opportunity to meet with colleagues and discuss how to meet the needs of all of our learners. Through this PLC time we have been able to align standards to coursework, create assessments to measure the standards and analyze data to determine next steps for instruction.  

As part of the state accountability system, the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has produced report cards for every school district in Wisconsin. This report card is based on statewide assessments including Forward, Dynamic Learning Maps, Pre ACT Secure, and ACT.  To access the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s District and School Report Cards website, please click the following link to be redirected:  Drop down menus on this page allow visitors to select the school year, District and School  they  would like to view. Sparta Area School District Schools can be viewed by selecting Sparta Area under District.

For questions regarding our assessments or the DPI state report card please contact the Instructional Services Department at 608-366-3400.