Principal's Message

Welcome to the Sparta Area Independent Learning School, where all students are afforded an opportunity to learn.

SAILS Charter School serves high school age students who are at-risk for not graduating, and those ages 18-20 who did not graduate with their peers due to lack of sufficient credits.

SAILS opened in 1995 to provide an alternative educational environment for students who were not experiencing success in the traditional setting and were behind in credits. A low student-to-teacher ratio, individualized instruction and assessment, and a high level of social support create an atmosphere where typically unsuccessful students feel safe enough to take the risks that true learning requires. SAILS is a learning community in which students can be honest about their abilities and past efforts, and have the necessary time, support, and resources to learn skills that many of their same-age peers learned years earlier.

A caring staff, alternative graduation requirements, up-to-date technology, and resources make SAILS a model in at-risk programming.

- Principal Dr. Wendy Bernett