School Counseling

How can my Counselors help me?

Counselors believe that the primary purpose of the school is to help you acquire the skills, knowledge, and values which will help you in today’s world and to reach your full potential as a person. We realize that such learning cannot take place while personal and academic difficulties are foremost in your mind- problems that can have an adverse effect on your behavior, conduct, or academic performance in school. The following are some areas of concern, which you may wish to discuss with your counselor:

  • Personal / Social
  • Getting along with classmates
  • Getting along with teachers
  • Getting along with family
  • Getting along at work
  • Planning and organizing your time
  • Understanding yourself
  • Getting information and help from people outside of school


  • Choosing your courses
  • Planning your program
  • Meeting your graduation requirements
  • Getting help for special learning problems
  • Understanding school records
  • Choosing career objectives or setting career goals
  • Assist with academic progress reports

Future Plans

  • Planning for a career
  • Planning for further education
  • Arranging for entrance testing
  • Looking for financial assistance
  • Setting career goals – deciding how you can best reach your full potential and contribute to society

Planning for Training after High School

  • College – Technical School
  • Applications
  • Financial Aid
  • Scholarships
  • Campus visits
  • Entrance exams
  • Military Service
  • Finding a job

How else do students get involved with Counseling Services?

Students who may benefit from counseling services may be identified through a referral process. They may refer themselves, thus seeking information or help. Referrals may also be made by concerned teachers, family members, or peers seeking information, or help for a friend.