Southside Move-In Plan and Community Open House

Southside Move-In Plan and Community Open House

Southside Elementary Move-In Plan

The good news:  The new addition at Southside for PreK is on schedule, on budget, and coming together as the quality building we expect.  In addition, the air conditioning for the original building will be completed, so workers will not have to come back to install it over the holiday break as was anticipated.   

Construction is at the stage where external factors will have less impact on the schedule, because the building shell is constructed, the roof is on, and the key components have been ordered.  That is, weather conditions and supply delays will not impact the schedule.  Therefore, it is time to solidify plans for transition to the new building based on a firm move-in schedule and start date.    

The scheduled completion date is September 27th.  While there was some thought that the work might be done sooner in order to allow us to start the year in the new building, it is looking like the schedule will hold accurately.   Below is the plan for ALL PreK students (except Montessori and Cataract), and Southside students grades K - 3. 


Pre-K students will start the year at the AEC, 201 E Franklin Street, from September 3 through October 7.  On Monday, October 7, PreK children will begin attending the Southside PreK. 

Southside K-3

Southside K-3 students will start the school year on Tuesday, September 3 at Southside.  There will be some construction pieces going on, much like there was last spring.  Things will be clearly fenced and marked so that all children know where to go and be safe.  

It has truly been remarkable to see how the work has been progressing.  They are moving quickly, but also ensuring that questions are answered and the project is getting done right.  As we attend the weekly meetings with all of the subcontractors and Market & Johnson, it is evident that we have qualified people working on the building performing high quality work. 

Community Open House July 22

There will be an opportunity for everyone in the community to come out and see the new addition in this “mid-construction” phase on Monday, July 22 from 5:00 - 7:00 pm.  The spaces are taking shape inside and outside.  You will be able to walk through and get a feel for the new addition as well as the transitional spaces that connect the original and new spaces.  We hope you are able to join us!