Southside Construction Update - 7/29/19


Last week, Market & Johnson installed metal door frames and began to grout them solid.  They also did an extensive job site clean up as they move forward into the interior finishes.  M&J masonry finished the brick veneer in the courtyard area and are now set up on the last two areas of the exterior for brick veneer. They also made a lot of progress inside the building on the block partition walls in the new classroom and toilet areas. Wehrs Electric continued to stay with the masons on the interior block walls, installing wall boxes and conduits in the block. They also ran the conduits down the existing hallway and started pulling wire back to the new service panel. Winona Controls set all of the RTU’s on the roof and continued to hook up the VAV’s in the ductwork. They also started to pipe the boilers. Fowler and Hammer finished up the framing on the new classroom/bathroom areas and continued to sheetrock them, sound insulate, and sound caulk the walls. Ledegar continued to run ductwork throughout the new addition area. D&M Mechanical continued to install a lot of overhead copper piping throughout new addition area.