Herrman Elementary Construction Update January 10, 2020

construction update

January 10, 2020


Market and Johnson (M&J) Masonry early in the week continued to lay the exterior brick to the radius wall of unit E. They also began preparing the unit D radius wall which will be the next section they lay brick to. They also spent more time on non-load bearing CMU on the second floor of the building. Towards the end of the week, the Masonry had to go off site to help with another of our jobs; they will be back early next week.


Cary Specialized Services brought their crane back and set the roof joists for the kitchen area of unit E. They spent the latter part of the week setting the roof decking and detailing that same area.


The MEP contractors continued with their overall rough ins. B&B Electric were set throughout the building doing rough ins. A few of their tasks included: pulling wiring through their conduit, preparing the main electrical room in unit E to receive permanent power panels, and wiring/conduit rough ins throughout units A, B, & C. Zimmerman Plumbing spent most of the week installing water piping in the second floor classroom areas of unit A & C. They also began setting plumbing in the large bathrooms of the same sections. Winona Controls spent most of the week hooking up the VAV’s (small mechanical units that control temperature for a small area within the building.) This involves hooking up their copper piping to Ledegar’s ductwork where the VAV is connected to. Ledegar Sheet Metal spent most of their time in unit C on the second floor with installing more ductwork. They also were down in the mechanical room of unit A first floor. The MEP trades also had their pipes/ductwork receiving its insulation on the first floor of unit A.


International Fire Protection completed their sprinkler piping install in the first floor of unit C, and moved back to unit B to continue with their installation there.


Poellinger finished topping out (fastening gypsum board to the above ceiling portions of the steel stud walls) the soffits and classroom areas of unit A. They were also on the second floor of unit A finishing the classroom area with steel stud framing and began working on the radius soffit steel stud framing much like they have done back in the first floor of units A & C.


Fowler & Hammer set more temporary windows for the radius walls of unit E & D. Once the roofs are set in these areas, this will allow for these areas (which are the last areas of the building without heat) to be heated. They also worked on setting more door and window frames throughout the interior of the building.


Winona Heating and Ventilating finished the roof of unit C early this week and are working towards finishing the north section of unit B roof.