Goodbye Week

goodbye week

As this school year is coming to an end, we begin to look toward the future and what the upcoming 2020-2021 school year will look like for our district community.  We have some known, exciting changes, like our new, beautiful Herrman Elementary building.  We also know that as part of our facilities expansion project, many of our schools and buildings will be seeing changes as we transition into the upcoming school year.  Some of our schools will be saying goodbye to their current building and moving into a different one, like the Montessori school, SAILS, and High Point.  Some of our schools, like Lawrence-Lawson Elementary, Maplewood Elementary, and Meadowview Intermediate will be saying goodbye to their school identity itself as their 1st - 4th graders join together at Herrman Elementary and 5th graders begin to attend Meadowview Middle.  Southside Elementary will be saying goodbye to its 1st-3rd graders as they head for Herrman as well, as it transitions to become a PreK/Kindergarten facility.

As we have learned together in the past few months, some changes occur within our school community that we aren't able to predict.  We anticipated being able to say goodbye to our schools and buildings that will look different next year by visiting them in person, walking through the halls and honoring what these schools and buildings have meant to us over the years.  We feel sad that the school closure prevents us from saying these goodbyes at the buildings in person, but we still want to come together as a district community to honor these changes, share memories, and say goodbye.  This week, May 24-30, we will be making a post on the Sparta Area School District Facebook page each morning in honor of one of these 7 schools.  We ask you to join in the comments, sharing your favorite pictures, memories, or stories from your time there.  In this way, we can say goodbye together.  #SpartanProud

  • Sunday May 24 - Lawrence-Lawson Elementary
  • Monday May 25 - Maplewood Elementary
  • Tuesday May 26 - Meadowview Intermediate
  • Wednesday May 27 - Lakeview Montessori
  • Thursday May 28 - SAILS Charter High School
  • Friday May 29 - High Point Charter School
  • Saturday May 30 - Southside Elementary