Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Sparta Area School District is held on Thursday, October 19, 2023 at 6:30 p.m. at Meadowview Middle School Cafetorium, 1225 North Water Street, Sparta, WI. During this meeting, the Director of Business Services reviews the financial position of the District as of June 30 and also presents the proposed budget to District residents to adopt for the upcoming school year.

The Annual Meeting Book includes the following information:

  • Revenue and Expenditures (historical and budgetary)
  • Explanation of the State Funding Formula
  • District Enrollment (historical and projection)
  • Debt Schedules
  • Fund Balance
  • Tax Levy (historical and projection)

2023 Annual Report (PDF)

2022 Annual Report (PDF)

2021 Annual Report (PDF)


The District undergoes an independent audit each school year in which the District’s financial activities, internal controls, and management of state and federal funds are reviewed.

2022-23 Audited Financial Statements (PDF)
2021-22 Audited Financial Statements (PDF)
2020-21 Audited Financial Statements (PDF)
2019-20 Audited Financial Statements (PDF)
2018-19 Audited Financial Statements (PDF)
2017-18 Audited Financial Statements (PDF)
2016-17 Audited Financial Statements (PDF)
2015-16 Audited Financial Statements (PDF)
2014-15 Audited Financial Statements (PDF)

If you would like to learn more about the financial position of the Sparta Area School District, please contact Leah Hauser, Director of Business Services at 608-366-3400 or