One to One Initiative

The Sparta Area School District has a successful one-to-one technology initiative that provides students direct access to devices at every grade level.  To integrate these devices into the classroom we have implemented software-based learning solutions as well as a robust network infrastructure to provide access to online resources.

Our one-to-one device initiative provides every student in grades 6-12 a Chromebook and every student in grades 4-5 an iPad.  Each Middle School student receives their Chromebook when they enter 6th grade and those devices are used until they enter High School and are given a new device.   All our 6-12th grade students are permitted to take their Chromebooks home. Our 4th and 5th grade students are each assigned an iPad that is for their individual use in class.  These devices are primarily kept in the classroom but are also sent home with the student as needed. In the PreK-3rd grades, we provide iPads to the schools in an approximate 1:3 ratio.  Each building is given a collection of iPads and those devices are made available as partial classroom sets or as carts that can be checked out with enough devices for an entire classroom.  We also provide alternative devices that can be checked out through the LMC if needed. For example, if a High School student with a Chromebook needs an iPad for a project the LMC can check that device out for them to utilize. We have a total of over 1,350 iPads and over 1,500 Chromebooks.

To take advantage of these devices we have implemented a number of software-based solutions.  We provide a Learning Management System(LMS) which allows staff to digitally create and deliver content to our students as well as provide a medium for students to interact both with their instructor as well as their classmates. The LMS also provides quick feedback and assessment to teachers. We utilize Apple Classroom and Google for Education on our devices. We also subscribe to a number of interactive curriculum tools that provide online learning experiences in many subject areas that are accessed on these devices.  Our state testing is also done primarily on these devices.

To provide safe and secure access for these devices to our resources we have considerably upgraded our network infrastructure.  Our internet connection speed has been increased 10 fold. We have installed a web and content filter that provides safe internet browsing and monitoring.  Our internal network connections within buildings and between buildings has been upgraded to current standards to meet our increased network demands. We have installed over 225 Wireless Access points throughout our district buildings which has resulted in coverage in all of our classroom areas and most of our common areas.  We also make available cellular wireless hotspots for students who may not have internet access for their one-to-one devices at home so that they can continue to utilize their devices outside of school.

All of these pieces work together to provide a complete package for our one-to-one initiative which supports our students continued learning and success.

Please email Christopher Stierman at for all software and hardware inquiries.