Families in Action

Families in Action has been created to help kids, parents, and families learn how to cope with important life issues anywhere from everyday matters to more tough life topics. We have helpful and useful resources for parents, kids, and families in Monroe County. Please take a moment and browse through any of the following topics that may be of help to you and your family.

  • Raising Kids With Appropriate Praise Discipline
  • Coping With Family Changes
  • ADHD, Disabilities, Eating Disorders, Divorce,
  • Step-Families, Foster Care, Incarceration of a Parent
  • Learning To Get Along With Friends & Still Be True To Yourself
  • Coping With Stress and Anger
  • How To Deal With Peer Pressure & Social Stresses
  • Helping Your Kids Or Teens Deal With Illness, Grief and The Loss of a Loved One
  • Tips On Better Study Habits For Homework
  • Information on Teen Drug & Alcohol Abuse
  • Information on Suicide Prevention & Awareness