Family Changes

(ADHD, Disabilities, Eating Disorders, Divorce, Step-Families, Foster Care, or Incarceration of a Parent)

How do you tell your kid or teen about a major family change?

  • Do wait until you and your spouse have made a firm decision about the family change before you tell your children.
  • Do make sure that both Mom and Dad are there to break the news about this change, and to reassure your kids that you both still love them.
  • Don’t blame each other in front of the children. Your kids or teens need to know that major changes in families happen.
  • Do explain the reasons for this change in your family, but on a level your child or teen can understand.
  • Do make very clear that this family change is an adult issue or decision, and is not in any way the kids’ fault or their decision to make or change.

Helping Kids Adjust:

  • Don’t fight with your spouse in front of your children or teens.
  • Don’t talk badly about the absent parent to your children or teens.
  • Don’t ever ask your child or teen to take sides.
  • Do help your children keep up with their usual routines as much as possible during this change.
  • Do keep consistent. Let your kids or teens know what you expect from them, and what they can expect from you.
  • Do give your kids or teens extra attention during this time.
  • Listen to their concerns.
  • Do create your own “family of choice” – people who love you and your kids, and are willing to become a part of your lives.
  • Do seek professional help for your child or teen if the adjustment is especially difficult.

What kids or teens can do for themselves:

  • Do understand and realize that many other families go through changes that affect everyone in the family. You are not alone.
  • Do work on recovering from the loss of the “Ideal” family.
  • Don’t let anger toward your parents keep you in the past.
  • Try to think of something funny for a while.
  • Try to look for the positive things in life.
  • Try to have a good cry.
  • Try to talk to friends, adults, your pet, or your parents about your concerns.

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