Illness, Grief, and Loss

Just like us, our kids or teens are shocked, scared, and saddened by the loss of someone they love. They’re confused. Their world has been tipped upside-down. Parents can help with guidance, emotional support, and hugs.

Signs that a kid or teen is grieving:

  • A child feels guilty, or wants to die
  • Mood swings
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Hostility, aggressiveness, “acting out”
  • Grades suffer
  • Depression

Some parenting tips:

  • Tell them the truth, as simply as possible. If you need to, talk about terminal illness.
  • Don’t confuse them. “going to sleep” and “gone away” are not the same as dying. Kids might expect the person who died to come back, or they might be afraid that if they go to sleep, they’d die too.
  • Explain that death is final.
  • Share the experience. Allow children to attend a funeral if they want to, but don’t force them. Let them know what to expect in advance, and be ready to answer their questions.
  • Face the grief. Let kids and teens cry – it encourages healing.
  • Reassure them. Hug or kiss your kids often, or just hold them.
  • Let them know that you or someone who loves them will always be there for them.

Encourage kids and teens to express their grief

  • by writing letters, songs, or
  • by drawing pictures to say good-bye.

 Remember this:

  • Don’t neglect your child’s emotional needs even when you, too, are grieving. It helps both of you to grieve together, to be sad together, and to remember the good stuff together.
  • You’re not alone. Look for a grief support group. Connect with friends, relatives, teachers, clergy, or counselors.

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